#102 Strike gold

Time to go a prospecting! Strike gold is a little ambiguous in its title and for very good reason. Whilst I would happily pull out a gold pan and head off to the foothills of Krasnoyarsk in deepest Russia to start sifting, time and work commitments unfortunately interfere and some creative thinking is therefore required to make a start on #102!

So as an interim solution I today became the proud holder of 6,000 shares in Red Rock Resources (probably need some sort of disclaimer here about this not constituting either a recommendation or financial advice and never investing money that you can’t afford to lose, advice that I have foolishly ignored on all three counts*).

Guess I now need to just sit back and wait for the share price to rocket once they hit a load of the gold stuff. Here’s hoping and dreaming!

*On a serious note this in no way constitutes any form of advice and as such neverendinglist will not held liable for any losses incurred!

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