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:: Man’s Search for Meaning

One of the early features on the neverendinglist was ‘Book Club’; the intention being to share the pages of paper that engaged my mind with transformational text. It was a feature that never really gained any traction after the first instalment, not because I don’t read, but maybe due to how I read! The problem I have with books is that I often get distracted and end up...

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#36 Become a Landowner

The focus here at the list has generally been around collecting experiences rather than material possessions and whilst I have at times punctuated this ideology with dreams of campervan, boat and football club ownership, I have largely stayed true to the moment collecting mantra and experience enhancing ethos. However, sometimes in life opportunities arise that necessitate deviation from our...

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#547 Build a machine

The ‘Amazing Never Ending Money Lending Machine’ is born! In reality it is a pretend machine made with an assemblage of random children’s toys, however a concept and perhaps a community has been built as the cogs of the imagination start turning to help people start earning! One of the many mantras embraced at the neverendinglist is to ‘dream a dream so big that you...

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:: I’m mortal

I’ve never really stopped to question my own mortality. For me it has always been a distant milestone firmly fixed in the future and not one I have been consciously journeying towards. The hypothetical end date of the neverendinglist was always a crude calculation with a truly unknown standard error. However, after spending the New Year in hospital, for the first time I’ve questioned...

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#467 Become a Triathlete

After starting the year with high hopes on the back of my chance appearance in Runners World, I soon had to rein in my running ambitions with another bout of tendonitis hitting the foot. It is an injury that has been lurking for a while and no doubt a consequence of mile upon mile of a Forrest Gump style head cleanse! The body has for a long time been the tool used to keep the mind sane, in turn...

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