#106 Enter the World Bog Snorkelling Championships

With a bout of tendonitis having killed off my London Marathon dream and the Guinness World Record attempt simultaneously stopped in its infancy I need another outlet to fill the void left by the lack of running relief. The easy option would be to wheel out the bike or hit the cross trainer as a substitute, but life isn’t about easy, life is about crazy dreams!

Having assessed my options and dismissed the alternatives of Man v’s Horse or the World Wife Carrying Championships. I stumbled across an event that immediately hit the spot. At the age of 37 it’s time I tried to be a World Champion! No easy feat I guess, particularly given my lack of talent in any specific area, however I reckon this one might have a pretty niche field and with a bit of commitment over the coming months who knows.

So here we go, it’s time to get bog snorkelling. Loves it!

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