#115 Complete a 365 day photo blog

Photography has always been a bit of a passion of mine ever since Mum and Dad bought me a second hand Canon SLR during my teens. It’s something I’ve dipped in and out of over the years and kept me in gainful employment for a time (albeit without great financial reward). Now the creative urge is surging again and so it’s time to make another addition to the list and get snapping.

#115 complete a 365 day photo blog is going to be a challenge and require some determination along the way. Thankfully though the photo blog isn’t something I need to start from scratch as it has been lurking in the background for a number of years documenting my ups and downs and trials and tribulations on a sporadic basis. It was only today when I took a moment to flick back through some of my previous entries that I realised the importance of this diary in pictures.

So here we go, 365 days and a picture a day care of blipfoto*. Who knows this may even help me tick off #16 Win a photography competition!

*Blipfoto is an extraordinary community of everyday people who take and publish one photo a day.┬áMany do it every single day, some only do it once a month, but everyone who takes part enjoys one of the most rewarding and addictive places on the web. I can’t recommend it highly enough.



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