#116 Promote World Peas

World Peas. Is it really possible in my lifetime?

A month ago I drilled some peas into the raised beds out of the back of house. The exercise was a simple one of distraction at the time for me and a lesson for the boys to educate them about the origins of our food. 4 weeks later the little peas are gathering pace and shooting skywards sending out their tendrils for support. Always being happy little helpers, both Rhys and Iesty quickly wanted to nurture the growth and skewered old branches of discarded beech tree into the soil as little ladders for the peas to climb. Iesty has already been educated on the development of these little peas in school and although only 5 years old he was readily passing on his knowledge with great fervour.

The boys are always happy to embrace the projects I put before them and it soon sent my mind spinning off on a tangent; see what if this simple exercise was a little more than about growing some peas? What if it was about trying to grow something else too? What if we could spread the message of this simple father/son act across the continents and around the globe. What if our little peas could spread the message of World Peas? Lets see where our peas can go!

On a serious note watch this, little seeds can grow into big ideas that can gather pace to in the quest for change. One person can make a difference!

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