#123 Run a marathon on every continent

It’s time for a challenge and this one may take some time! On Sunday I completed the Hoylake 10k, nothing exceptional in that, it’s a distance I’ve covered many times since discovering a love of running. What was exceptional though was that I asked lots of people to run it with me and some of them did. They each had differing abilities and differing running goals, but as a collective they had a desire put in the effort, to turn up and to go the distance! It was an inspiring sight to see as one by one they crossed the line finishing what they had started out to do.

I’ve been making plans to run a marathon again for a while and as I sat at my desk in work this morning I reflected back to Sunday with some pride; by asking the question of these people to join in I may have started them on a longer road of running. I’ve always considered myself to be self motivated in the quest for a challenge, but that motivation has waned a little recently and it’s time to get it back in full flow. I have a love hate relationship with the marathon, it’s not so much the 26.2 miles that is the problem, it’s more the challenge of actually turning up in a fit state to run the race! After my injury enforced abandonment of the London Marathon earlier this year and with it my World Record attempt, I’m ready to give it a go again and commence on the bigger quest of running a marathon on every continent. First up is Europe and the city of Amsterdam with the added attraction of a finish in the 80 year old Olympic Stadium. So without any further ado, my entry is in, flights are booked and on the 21st October 2012 I will complete the Amsterdam Marathon by hook or by crook!

It was only as my confirmation e-mail arrived from the good people of Amsterdam Marathon that logic set in and I realised that I have just 38 days to get in a fit state and up the distance from 10k. Let the ‘runstreak’ commence as I aim to run every day and see what can be done!

Update – 21/10/12 European leg completed with a new personal best and 03:32: 53 marathon in Amsterdam.

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