#138 Take Dad to the TT

After having a pint with Dad recently it hit home that we should always make the most of our opportunities in life. Dad has always wanted to go to the Isle of Man TT races as he’s mad about bikes having spent a large chunk of his career riding them and a lot of leisure time tinkering with them.

I’ll be honest, although I’m lucky enough to have experienced the TT races twice before they are not really my bag!¬†However my early summer holiday gave me the chance to help Dad fulfill one of his lifetime dreams and invite him on the sailing trip to the Isle of Man. The trip by chance coincided with the second week of the TT festival as the island opened up its roads to a mass of bikers and bike fans from around the world. An early start on the Wednesday saw us all head down to Ramsey to find a suitable vantage and refreshment point to take in the experience. The afternoon built slowly with the track taking time to dry and an enforced delay to the start. A couple of beers in the sunshine helped to pass the time and before we knew it the roar of the first bike could be heard in the distance with the crowd springing into life and Dad’s eyes lighting up as dream became reality in the flash of a bike.

The photo here was taken by my 7 year old son after I showed him how to pan with the bikes to capture the essence of speed in a snap. He spent the race enthusiastically firing away every time a bike appeared around the corner and spent the intervals between races proudly showing off his work to fellow spectators even managing to negotiate the sale of some of his prized snaps with two wily farmers. The look on his face as he secured the deal was a picture in itself and made my day.

Do something different and you never know what you might gain from doing it. I may not be a bike fan, but I have to admit I had a great day out with generations bonded by the experience and #138 Take Dad to the TT ticked off the list!



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