#142 Run 100 miles

One day I may run 100 miles in one go, but for the time being to knock off #142 on the list I’m going to harness the power of people and embrace the school of mathematics. Unfortunately I’m no Pythagoras, but I have come up with my own theorem to help with this challenge and whilst mine may be of little use to confirm the length of the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle this simple little equation will hopefully help me measure up! So without further ado here it is:

16P x 10KM = 100M

Where P = the power of people, KM = kilometres and M = miles. Genius I know!

Now all I need to do is motivate my team and give them a purpose. The motivation is to join my band of random runners and the purpose is to make it to the start of the Hoylake 10k come September 9th 2012. With volunteers a plenty lets hope they not only make it to the start line, but more importantly the finish!

For me running started as a drunken bet on a stag weekend back in 2005. A non runner at the time I talked of running a marathon 8 months later. It was supposed to be a team quest, though it quickly became apparent that promises made in the heat of drunken banter soon fall by the wayside. My quest did not end before it began however and with a charity place confirmed for the London Marathon I began training a step at a time. Ok, so I may have used a combination of walking and jogging to get me through that first mile, but slowly and surely the distance started to creep up and whilst training didn’t exactly go to plan I made it to the start in London and completed my first marathon.

The thing about running is, the more you put in the more you get out and there is an important life lesson right there. From those initial steps I’ve run thousands of miles in beautiful places, sweated through pain in arduous races and been cheered along by smiling faces. Now I am runner and I want to spread the gospel.

Who knows if this one takes off maybe I could run around the world with the power of people and an extended version of my new found mathematical prowess! For now however a collective of random runners helping me to achieve #142 would make me very proud. Lets see what can be achieved.

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