# 16 Win a photography competition

After making a start on #115 earlier this month it has reignited my interest in photography and motivated me to get snapping again. I like the physical imprint a photograph leaves of the memories that otherwise quickly diminish, or even worse still get consigned to the archive section of the grey matter. Photoblogging is one thing, but there is a danger that it becomes more about quantity than quality and some middle ground needs to be found between the two.¬†Winning a photography competition isn’t really about the adulation, it will hopefully provide another string to the bow that is self improvement. I am man who thrives on progress and although I perhaps need to reign in my compulsive nature I need to keep educating myself. I like to learn see, but by the same token I also need a target to focus on, so maybe this is the way forward. Rather than follow convention and sign up for mainstream training to hone my basic skills, I’m going to go it alone, educate myself and harness the creativity from within.

No timescale here, lets just see where entering a few photography competitions can take me on my path of pictures. First up, three entries submitted with the ambitious target of being crowned Dog Photographer of the Year 2012. Whilst it will no doubt be a competitive field, I’m in it so I’ve got to believe I can win it!


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