#17 Make a pot

Today saw me throw my first pot and tick off #17 on the neverendinglist. I’ve no idea what the thought process or inspiration was for wanting to craft something out of clay, but this simple act was a satisfying addition to the script for life, the concept for which is to add memories and experiences along the way.

Not only do I now have the pot sat atop a shelf at home, more importantly I have the memory of a great day out with my boys and friends who have helped support me for a large part of my journey through life. I have the memory of watching a simple slate splitting demonstration at National Slate Museum delivered by a happy chap who has spent his life turning slabs of solid slate into perfectly dressed tiles that adorn roofs across the country. A man who wore the broadest smile, taking pride in his lifetime work for little financial return whilst engaging and educating a room of random visitors with his comedy commentary. I have the memory of seeing my children skipping down the street amongst bursts of giggles. I have the memory of eating the biggest burger at Pete’s Eats after telling the boys that the lunch ticket was a raffle ticket for a rocket and the excitement on their faces as they sat in anticipation hearing ticket #30 be called. I have the memory of watching my two enthusiast artists decorate their newly purchased pots with busy brushes and crazy colours. Most of all I have the memory of a great day out. I’m also very proud of my new pot.

Thanks to Barbara at Piggery Pottery for her tutelage in turning a lump of the wet stuff into a pot of perfection. Piggery Pottery is a small, family run business. Initially born from a love of hand crafting pottery items and a desire to provide ways in which children can explore their imaginations and use their creativeness. If ever you’re in the area why not pop down and make once of your own!

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