#201 Finding Arnoldo Jerkin

Whilst I’m probably reaching that time in life when I need to find myself, current commitments prohibit me from heading off to travel the world on a voyage of self discovery and to be honest I’m kinda happy with the person I am already. Things have got a bit heavy around here recently with Scrap Dog’s health issues and talk of personal finance so it’s time to lighten the mood and head back along the road that is random.

Some impromptu mid-afternoon office discussion led me to question just what my American name might be and in-keeping with the ethos of the script for life I had to consider the question in greater detail, so off I headed onto the worldywideweb to find the answer. After stumbling across a random name generator and inputting the necessary, it fired back the answer….I am Arnoldo Jerkin! Now the thing is, whilst this name may well have been generated at random, I understand that it came from a real source meaning in theory I really can find myself (albeit the randomly generated American version of me)!

I know a few facts about the United States of America and have even visited a couple times. Further investigation tells me that America is the third most populated county in the World housing over 300 million residents. So it would appear I’m looking for the proverbial ‘needle in a haystack’ somewhere among the 50 States that make up the jigsaw. It seems only logical that I profile the American ‘Me’ and after playing around with a PhotoFit this is who I think I’m looking for! Who is Arnoldo Jerkin? Does he really exist? Where can I find him? What does he really look like? How old is he? What is his favourite cheese?  Lots of questions and time for some answers.

Let the search commence.

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