#37 Own a camper van

never ending list #37

Most boys probably dream of owning a camper van at some point and the neverendinglist would not be complete without the addition of a quest to have my own little house on wheels with the freedom to travel and roam from home. Material possessions are not high on the agenda these days unless they value to life in terms of smiles.  Whether or not I ever achieve the boyhood dream of hitting the road in a VW of my own only time will tell.

As I’ve not doubt pointed out here many times unless you make a start on something you never give yourself the chance to finish it. So today I hit the road early with the boys and a packed lunch and headed off to VW fest in the hope of adding some fuel to the fire of camper van desire. No sooner had we got through the gate were the boys darting from van to van with shouts of glee as they peered inside the plethora of vans on show. Naturally I stayed calm trying to quell the excitement building within given the reality that camper van ownership if ever to be realised would be some way into the future. It seems my vision is a shared one however and as we stumbled across the trade stands surrounding the field to view the wares, we happened upon a camper van money box to start us on our quest. “Daddy can we get one, can we please?”. For the moment it is a ceramic symbol of possibility, in time can it became something more?

At the end of the day with the boys tucked up in bed dreaming dreams of their very own, I filled the new money box up with the left over coins and if nothing else comes of making a start on #37 at least we had a great day out and have made a deposit in the bank of memories too 🙂

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