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It’s been a busy start to 2014 and not one to rest on one’s laurels, I’m honoured to say that the neverendinglist has followed up the UK Blog Award nomination with a feature at Pixlr, who in their very own words are ‘the most popular online photo editor in the World!’. I’ve got to be honest I do like a good dose of recognition, but this one really really made me smile and it’s good to hear someone else’s take on my haphazard happenings, which can be read in all its glory here.

One of the early quests at the neverendinglist was to ‘Win a photography competition’ and whilst this hasn’t quite come to fruition just yet, I continue on my snap happy journey collecting my captures as I go. The lens has always been the pen that writes my journal and is a portal to paint the thousand words that document my daily doings. It’s not often I take time to reflect from whence I’ve come, but after reading this fantastic feature I found a moment to look back through the photographic footprints that have been laid down.


My eclectic album of images now brings a smile to my face as I flick through the vivid visions that have been captured on camera and I feel compelled to continue with developing daily my ever evolving documentary of life. Take a picture, tuck it away and save it to look back on another day.

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