#4 Learn to Unicycle

I can ride my bike with no handlebars!

I feel life needs a bit more balance in it at the moment so it’s time to roll out the one wheeled bicycle. In secret the unicycle has been sat in the hall for the last 12 months waiting to be liberated. Not really sure what value this one is going to add to my life, but I think perhaps there is some sort of hidden metaphor in the fact that a unicycle lacks stability when it’s stationary! The balance metaphor can be extended even further and much like in life to maintain equilibrium it is going to be necessary to learn how to fall and remedy the situation to stay upright and make progress. By my very nature I’m not a person that likes to fail, but perhaps failure teaches us a lot more than the success. At the end of the day success is just failure turned inside out.

If nothing else comes of this circusesque addition to the list then I have learnt about the ‘inverse pendulum control theory’ and who knows when that might come in useful!!

So off we go a unicycling.




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