#47 Start a club

It’s fair to say that I’m a bit of an ideas man. Others may see me as a daydreamer, but it is also inherent in my make-up that I truly believe dreams can turn into reality if they can be harnessed with desire and partnered with determination. Ideas pop in and out of my head on a daily basis, most are forgotten about as quickly as they came, some lie dormant waiting to grow and others spring into action with impulse. The neverendinglist is an example of a simple idea that with a bit of nurturing has developed into something bigger and if anything has become a place for my ideas to propagate. A greenhouse for the brainspill I suppose.

Recently a theme has been developing within some of my simple thoughts and after chancing upon a web domain name that embraced the very essence of the latest thinking another idea was planted in the never ending garden. I really want this one to grow though as I like the concept behind it and hopefully given time it will bear fruit.┬áIt’s not an idea that I can cultivate in isolation so it’s time to call on the power of people again. It’s a winning formula after all!

Anyway enough rambling from me…I’ve started a club and #47 is chalked off the list.

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