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The ‘Amazing Never Ending Money Lending Machine’ is born! In reality it is a pretend machine made with an assemblage of random children’s toys, however a concept and perhaps a community has been built as the cogs of the imagination start turning to help people start earning!

One of the many mantras embraced at the neverendinglist is to ‘dream a dream so big that you can’t achieve it, then become the person that can’. It is one I really believe captures the potential of constant endeavor. I’ve always wanted the list to become a catalyst for change not only in my life, but also the lives of others, so the addition of the ‘Amazing Never Ending Money Lending Machine’ seems apt in this constant crusade.

The first cog of the machine was crafted after my attempt to ‘buy a cow’ led me to the Kiva* microlending website, which matches lenders with those in need of loans. After my initial investment in livestock was repaid, I have since repeated and added to a loan portfolio that now spans countries and continents. The Kiva concept is very simple and has loaned over $755,000,000 across the globe by offering a helping hand to empower entrepreneurs dreaming their own big dreams. It works with four straightforward steps:

  • Choose a borrower
  • Make a loan
  • Get repaid
  • Repeat (this is the important part for the ‘Amazing Never Ending Money Lending Machine’)

In making my imaginary machine, I’ve added another step in the process which is to promote the power of a collective in the pursuit of a common goal. Step 5 is about sharing the hypothetical machine with others who will hopefully ‘Join me’!


The ‘Amazing Never Ending Money Lending Machine’ embraces the simple microfinance concept and repetition allows the rewards to be reaped. In all honesty I’m not quite sure of the calculations required to turn the mechanics of this miraculous machine into a lending collective that is constantly effective. Initially the algorithm for altruism is a basic formula of:

  • 365 loans x $25 = $9125.

This approximate and significant figure should allow the machine to harness the power of people and accelerate the perpetual propagation of infinite finance by eventually rolling over a loan a day. On my own it will take some time to hit the target for endless lending, so the machine needs your help. Now, I’ve always been a believer in leading by example and have fuelled up the machine with the first loans in the hope that they will ultimately snowball into something of significance. From the Americas to Africa and Asia, the machine is now in motion with the notion of trade not aid.


So there it is, a miraculous machine that churns out microfinance loans empowering entrepreneurs around the earth to alleviate poverty. Now comes the hard part, to find some followers to help me in my quest. Why not become part of the team and help people with potential by supporting borrowers around the world to grow their businesses and care for their families. It’s a loan not a donation and the money will be recycled, repeated and reinvested with real interest.

To start the ‘Amazing Never Ending Money Lending Machine’ simply click the button below and ‘Join me’!


*Kiva is a non-profit organisation with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty by leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions.

Update 21/12/15 – the Amazing Never Ending Lending Machine passes through the 365 loan barrier and hits the target of making 365 microfinance loans to 365 entrepreneurs in just 365 days! Join us the journey #365loans365days

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