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So it appears that the neverendinglist is up for an award. And not just any award! The UK Blog Awards have shortlisted my little ‘Script for Life’ in the ‘Most Innovative Blog’ category for 2014 and I’m chuffed diddly chuffed chuffed! I’ve never won an award and aside from a collection of swimming badges and some running medals, the trophy cabinet is a little bare!

The blog was initially conceived as an outlet for the daydreams and a home to document the life and times of citizen #78,304,433,060. Since its inception it has since become a creative conduit for the extrovert within, and more often than not, somewhere for the daily brain spill!  After initially putting pen to paper, chapters are slowly being written. What started as a place for the personal has now developed into a site to share some of the ideas that may just inspire.

Who knows whether or not the neverendinglist will be crowned ‘most innovative blog’ at the UK Blog Awards 2014, but if nothing else it is nice to have some recognition for my random ramblings and maybe, just maybe, it might just inspire someone else to start penning their own script for a journey of happiness! If it wins an award or two along the way then I may be able to tick off #66.

Update 3/2/14 – The neverendinglist makes it through the voting stages and is going to London on the shortlist for the UK Blog Awards 2014…ding dong!!

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