#85 Buy a cow

When I added ‘buy a cow’ to the neverendinglist it was my intention to rock up at the local livestock auction and bid on a young calf. As with most of my ideas in life the logistics weren’t really thought through and after some research it appears that buying a cow is a bit of a minefield for someone with little livestock experience or the facilities to accommodate said cow. Not one to give up at the first hurdle however I’ve decided to make a start and hopefully in doing so make a bit of a difference by outsourcing the purchase.

The recipient of my initial and partial cow funding is a chap called Abdurasul who resides in the Rudaki region of Tajikistan. Abdurasul is 36 years old, married and has six children. He also has a high school education so I’m told. He breeds cattle at his home in his native country with the intention of rearing them and selling them on later. It appears he has more than one string to his farming bow though and not content with just cattle breeding he grows vegetables and crops to provide a life for him and his family. I found Abdurasul via the Kiva website.The Kiva concept is about matching up lenders to people across the world that in turn help them to make the next step up the ladder. The loans help some of the global society’s most vulnerable people. My loan will hopefully get paid back sometime in April 2013 and when it does it will in turn help someone else who is trying to make a better life for themselves and their family.

Sometimes we all need a helping hand and maybe in my own small way the fact that I have helped Abdurasul to reach his target of the $950 he needs to become fully funded might just make a difference. Loans that change lives is the Kiva concept so who knows. If nothing else I’ve bought a bit of a cow and had a geography lesson in doing so!

Why not take a look too and see if you can change something for someone somewhere.

*Update 26/06/15 – my initial loan has snowballed and after the invention of the ‘Amazing Never Ending Money Lending Machine’ our team has made 104 loans, lendingĀ $2,600 in the process to entrepreneurs in 65 countries around the World.

Kiva - loans that change lives

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