#88 Give my heart away

Thought it best to start the New Year with something positive. #88 is all about donating, which I hope will become a theme for a lot of the items on the list once it gets into full swing. Can’t be all about me can it!

After giving blood it seemed the obvious thing to do and go that step further to sign up for a donor card.  In the age of recycling I firmly believe everyone of us has an obligation to embrace the most important recycling scheme of them all. Surely if we can take a moment to separate our plastics, paper and metals then we can find a moment to register for organ donation.

As it stands, in the UK between the 1st April 2011 and the time of writing this post at the end of 2011*:

797 people have donated organs

an additional 1,838 people have donated corneas

2,528 people have received the gift of sight

2,123 people have received transplants

7,663 people are still waiting for transplants

Go on, why don’t you give your heart away too. You never know what a difference it might make.

#88 Give my heart away – done.

*Source – NHS Blood and Transplant website

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