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:: Apples from Tajikistan

A year ago I helped to buy a cow for a man in Tajikistan. It was a man who I knew very little about at the time and in all honesty I never expected to get the money back, however my initial faith was repaid in full as was my Kiva loan, both on time and as promised. I’ve been needing to get the blog back in motion for a while and despite some significant moments since my last post back in November, it is a tale from Tajikistan that has finally given me a catalyst to continue.

With my money repaid, it is time to put it to work again and reinvest it in human capital. Having funded a cow in Tajikistan the money now heads to Mali and the Badegna collective of seven women from the town of Bougouni, who to increase their financial capacity are seeking a micro-finance loan which will enable them to buy wholesale apples to resell on for a profit. The money made will be reinvested into their business and if all goes to plan will come back to me to be redistributed some time in November.

Sometimes we all need a helping hand. Loans that change lives is the Kiva concept; if one man in Tajikistan can deliver on his promise, then hopefully this collective in Mali can follow his lead and I can continue my investment in purposeful people from poorer places.

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