:: I am ENFP and proud

Guess who? After reading how Rhys perceived me recently it has led me to a bit of self-reflection over the last few days. The problem is whilst I know who I am, I’m maybe not always 100% sure what I am! That makes no sense I know, so I put the question to my close friend and work colleague Steve and asked him how he views me, who he thinks I am and what drives me.

Steve is an interesting character himself, a friendly and amiable chap who in some ways is a bit of an enigma, but what I like about Steve is that he is able to answer these very questions in his own life with ease. He is also a straight talker so it seemed like the best place to start. Rather than just list my traits as he sees them, Steve unbeknown to me hopped on the worldywideweb and stumbled across a website to complete a psychological profile of me, but from his perspective as me. Half an hour later he came back with the answer to this simple question. I am ENFP!

Phew, I knew it, I knew there was something wrong with me and now I can sort it out, the relief! It’s never that straight forward though and as I was soon to find out ENFP simply describes one of sixteen possible personality traits. I’ve always been a bit sceptical that we fit into standard boxes, however as I read through the description he fired through to me by e-mail the words started to strike a chord and a offered within them a reflection of self. So it’s simple, I’m defined by my cognitive functions which make me an ENFP – The Inspirer. I am creative, enthusiastic and idealistic being able to do almost anything if it is of interest to me. I’m a people person and live life in accordance with my inner values and morals. I get excited by new ideas, but struggle with detail becoming bored by it. Finally, I’m open-minded and versatile with an array of interests and abilities.

So there we have it, this is what I am 🙂 Deep stuff I suppose and not something to dwell on too much. Whilst it’s good to analyse ourselves from time to time, it’s also important to let things happen and not let the circumstances we find ourselves in dictate our future!

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