:: The Story of Life


Last week I chalked off another milestone and hit 40, the big 4 and 0, the benchmark that is supposedly the starting line for life beginning! It’s not a concept I subscribe to if I’m honest. I’ve never really been bothered by the passing of the years and even having passed it I’m still not. However, one of the gifts received was a poignant reminder that the life we live is more than just a collection of days, weeks, months and years. The ethos of the neverendinglist is that it is my script for life, the digital book I am writing to document the journey of happiness as I wend my merry way;  it is a story written in a font forged by family and friendships to provide both motivation and memories.

This story was presented to me in true ‘This is Your Life’ fashion by a family who it is fair to say I often take for granted! I’m not a man of many material possessions and the receipt of this simple yet meaningful album immediately brought a sentimental tear to my eye. The thought and care that had gone into the preparation, compilation and presentation, far more meaningful than any material or monetary gift I could have received. The visual digestion of the contents explaining the person I have become. My analytical nature has often left me questioning the nature and nurture balance in the development not only of self, but also of others including my own children. As I perused the pages it is apparent that nurture played an massive part in my formative years; the childhood memories that become diluted with the passing of time amplified in front of my eyes to explain who I am.


I like to think that I am a single minded, independent, optimistic and motivated individual, but it’s clear that it is the education offered by my parents in passing on lessons in life, that have really helped me to commence and continue with my own adventure. So, with my theoretical milestone of 2051 in mind, it is likely that I’m over half way through my journey and if I was a glass is half empty sort of chap, then I suppose I may view the passing of my hypothetical median with a tinge of sadness or regret, but I can’t. The appreciation and acceptance of my own mortality has become the key that has unlocked the freedom to live. It is a lesson that I want pass on as I nurture my children to dream  their very own big dreams. 

The story continues and so should yours. Make sure you write a good one and don’t forget to share it.

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