#36 Become a Landowner

#36 Become a Landowner

The focus here at the list has generally been around collecting experiences rather than material possessions and whilst I have at times punctuated this ideology with dreams of campervan, boat and football club ownership, I have largely stayed true to the moment collecting mantra and experience enhancing ethos.¬†However, sometimes in life opportunities arise that necessitate deviation from our ideals. Perhaps it is the frustrated nomad hard wired into my genetic make-up, but it’s fair to say the feet have been itching towards pastures new for some time.

Land ownership has long been a personal quest and now it is one that has been realised with the acquisition of our very own piece of the principality. Nestled nicely in the foothills of the Clwydian Range I now have a new place to house my slightly unconventional family. A place to lay down some roots, to nurture, to grow and most importantly somewhere to build a home. An old stone house, some paddocks to play and brilliant barn giving birth to boyhood adventures. Along with it come dreams to cultivate more than just crops, it is a first step, and hopefully a foothold to a different way of life and exciting escapades in the country.


This is a place that I’ve been drawn to for a long time as I have run the ridges and viewed the vale beneath. The ups and downs of a rugged range somehow symbolic of my path through life with it’s highs and lows and pauses for thought.¬†So the Four Acre Project is born and the next chapter of the story commences. For now I think I may just have found a place where I belong (at least for the foreseeable)!

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