:: I’m mortal


I’ve never really stopped to question my own mortality. For me it has always been a distant milestone firmly fixed in the future and not one I have been consciously journeying towards. The hypothetical end date of the neverendinglist was always a crude calculation with a truly unknown standard error. However, after spending the New Year in hospital, for the first time I’ve questioned the arrival of my departure as the mechanics of ‘me’ had a break down with an attack on one of the major organs. In reality it is my body telling me to slow the pace of my all or nothing ethos to existence.

Life has always been about maximising the collection of moments presented on the journey. Those snapshots of time enhanced by exploration and collected through creation. The premise of the neverendinglist is about evolution not resolution so again there will be no empty promises of targets to be forgotten before the month is out. Instead the focus continues on making the impossible possible and a desire to believe and then achieve. Every man dies, but not every man truly lives! It’s an important philosophy to embrace, but one that needs to be tempered remembering it is a marathon not a sprint. Now lets see what 2015 has to offer.

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