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:: I am One

Over the the last year the neverendinglist has become the first chapter in my own story. It started as a silly little blog, an outlet for some of the dreams in life that we talk about, but quickly forget as daily responsibilities stop us in our tracks, or procrastination prohibits us from acting upon our appetite for adventures. So as I celebrate the passing of the first year on the theoretical countdown to 2051, I thought it was time to reflect. I’m not living life counting down the days by tearing the daily sheets off an ever reducing calendar of life, instead as each day passes I am filing those days in the memories box and building a home to house them.

When I wrote my first post I had no idea where the journey would take me, and thankfully I still don’t, but I have a vehicle which my desires can drive along the road of happiness. Although I am still trying to find myself, I’ve harnessed optimism and inspiration and I now know what I am! I don’t need others for motivation as I am motivating me and smiling as I go. From a blank page, I’ve started a process of evolution.

I may not have achieved world peace, but I have 77 seeds to sow for World Peas! Injury stopped me in my tracks as I tried to run the dykewin a race and hold a world record, but it didn’t stop me conquering mountainscompeting in a World Championship and getting people to join me and help me. I’m still struggling with my own language, but I’ve become a featured writer, found growth and balance, whilst cultivating creativity to make a cakethrow a pot and test the taste buds.

I haven’t hit gold yet and didn’t sell 100 things on ebay, but I did sell enough to fund a flight, take Dad to the TT and sail across a sea. I’ve been to London to see the Queen and although she wasn’t in, I felt like a King as I embraced the joy of being Daddy. I’ve seen the world through a child’s eyes and said goodbye to man’s best friend.

I am still waiting to win a photography competition and fell at the first with the 365 day photoblog, but I have started to capture moments along the way. I’ve seen a big picture and started a club. I gave blood, sweat and tears, and gave my heart away learning that whilst I am a believer, belief needs to be shared to be realised. I might not have changed lives, but hopefully I’ve helped by starting to change one and maybe some others!

Now I am truly writing my script for life and long may it continue. Time to see where the journey takes me as I tread my next steps. First up is the inaugural leg of the continental marathon quest with the relay starting in Amsterdam tomorrow, ticking off another country as I find land. I may not achieve everything, but if I really want to do something then anything is possible. Many happy returns to me!

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